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Okay this might sound like the weirdest ask ever and I apologize in advanced for that. Whenever I rp a boy, I feel like I'm terrible at it. I feel like I can't give any of my partners "feels" and they think I am a very "basic" roleplayer. Any ideas on how I could change this?

I should be working on my 2 weeks worth of homework
Oh well, here’s legion mate Kai X3
I started this a couple days ago, and I’m really happy with how it turned out (Japanese mechanical pencils are the best!!) and then you see the rest of the page that’s been beautifully doodled on by my friends (one of them being emmafrew who drew the completely kawaii octopus in the bottom right corner)

Learn to love solitude. To be more alone with yourselves. The problem with young people is their carrying out noisy and agressive actions not to feel lonely. And this is a sad thing.The individual must learn to be on his own as a child for this doesn’t mean to be alone: it means not to get bored with oneself, which is a very dangerous symptom, almost a disease.
Andrei Tarkovsky, from A Message To Young People  (via d0riana)

(Source: violentwavesofemotion)

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